Morning Lemon Squashers,

hopefully from this weekend we should be back to normal for our Nordic Walking, the past few weeks we have had to put up with the triathlon, cycle London, fires in Limehouse Link tunnel, gridlock traffic and yep the curse of the parking attendants and towing lorries!!

Hopefully the gods are now with us and we will meet at Britannia village hall Sunday at 1000 and Battersea park next Tuesday at 1830
New people can sort courses, taster people can find out what its all about and the regulars can crack on with poling and blowing away the cobwebs.

Some are still away on holidays and it will be this way for a few more weeks before we get back to normal groups, and then introducing equipment again in our sessions - The ‘turtle bag should be here in approx 7 weeks time

Take care and see you all soon


Week ahead 17/July

New Nordic walkers Daniella and Franscesca all qualified with the Village polers this week, watch out more lemon squashers about!!

Taster sessions as normal this week, one hour before regular walk, and club meetings at Battersea the same

Tuesday 18th 1830

Sunday 23rd - this is Triathlon day and east London roads will have severe restrictions, we have in previous years kept the session going, but it has been difficult getting to Victoria dock, there is no nordic walking session this Sunday with the village polers because of the Triathlon———however for those who live local who are unaffected by the event meet at HARDY AVENUE AT 1000 and we will head off as normal, let me know for numbers.

We have also entered the zone where various holidays are taking place, if I do not see you in a previous week let me know by e mail or txt if you are coming nordic walking so that i know the numbers and can pre organise the session with what we will be doing.

To cut down on unwanted e mails I have decided to remove anyone form the distribution list if I have not seen you at a club session for 4 months, obviously if you do want to be kept in the loop then let me know and I will carry on e mailing you, Note this is from my list, if you want to stop receiving info from NWUK you will have to unsubscribe form them yourself.


Possibility of heading down to ‘Bandit Country” - speaking Caron and Wendy (village polers) about a nordic walking trip to RSPB Rainham, Let me know if interested, and also if you can carry someone in your car,

we will meet 0900, at Britannia village hall, pick everyone up and head off in convoy
The sessions is a normal cost
The walk should be approx 2 hours
cafe when finished

Be Safe,take care



Tuesday 11th - Battersea Polers at 1830 - 2000

Sunday 16th - Royal Docks Village polers at 1000-1130

Taster sessions take place one hour before each club meeting

This week the weather is reducing in temperature but still remember to hydrate regularly and bring along water to sessions
The road works which affected us in the East at the weekend should be finished by next weekend

Sunday 16th session will complete at the Good Hotel where we will take on liquids at the terrace bar overlooking Victoria Dock, so the session will have to be working up a sweat!!

The Lesu turtle bag will be making regular appearances over the next month as it is now being tested before going into production, mt nordic walkers are the testers so all feedback is more than welcome and any questions also

Looking ahead - Triathlon weekend is jULY 21/22, the previous years we have only Nordic Walked if numbers confirm as the area is a complete pain with road closures, check calendars and let me know if you are attending the Sunday session

Finally a thank you to the leaders who took the sessions whilst  the china trip was taking place

Take care and see you all soon




squash lemons and drink extra water!! Think about changing the time of your personal workout (walk) to earlier in the day or later in the evening -
of in the city check out the pollution levels for London at link below.

Remember drink little and often, alway shave water with you, signs of de hydration are tiredness, irritable, unable to focus, dry mouth as well as the one we all know - the colour of our pee! Pee chart link is below

Ok this week MT Nordic walking is—TODAY is Battersea at 1830 - 2000 NW and stretching along the Thames - it will be a great evening as the sun sets!

Sunday is Village polers at 1000 - 1130

taster sessions are an hour before each session

An eventful past week for mt nordic walking clubs….

Tuesday - set off from east London at 1600, arrived back home 1815 having travelled 2.5 miles and not getting to Battersea for the tasters or the regular club meeting at 1830, this was due to a RTC on the A13, tks to Angela for leading the battersea polers, tasters have been re programmed of this Tuesday.

Royal docks village elopers continue to build up miles with 5.5 completed on Sunday, a large group stopped traffic at Beckton on returning form the lake route, congrats to Beatriz!! watch out another polers about! - all NWUK competent , Caron and Wendy now well on course and Nuria completing the first session - the village polers are sprigging like spring, BUT not to be outdone we have 4 newbies of rather session at Battersea this tuesday, with 2 more to confirm.

Ok next sunday the Barbados tour starts for those arriving at gatwick airport hotel, whilst away the groups are being run by the leaders…..

Battersea - Angela, Andrea (Sue is away)

Royal Docks - Johnette (Adam also from 20th)

e mails are above and contact numbers below, but I check every day so if i doubt don’t hesitate to contact me.

If not connected, Facebook is mtnordic, I will post regular pics of the Bbds Exped.

Looking at a sociable event in July/Aug so watch this space……………………………….

Hopefully the colder weather has now left us, remember your weather forecasts before your walks, it will soon be warmer so time to think about hydration and carrying water, our sessions are now 30 mins longer and it will make a difference as the weather warms up

This week is the last session at homerton of the current series of nordic walking, bug tks to Heather and Kaye for running the show at Homerton the past few months, we hope to continue again in June, again watch this space……..

So this weeks programme is…..

Tuesday 1830 - 2000 - Battersea Polers

Sunday 1000 - 1130 - Royal Docks village polers - Trinity Boy Wharf route and breakfast at Fat Boys

Taster sessions will take place before each session, however these are the last taster sessions until the first week of June - so if you have friends who want to find out what Nordic Walking is all about they will have to wait a few weeks

As always any questions, let me know


Angela - 07773 358659
Andrea - 07796 774008

Johnette - 07843 223470
Adam - 07740 700680