planning battersea apparels 2 hour nordic walk this evening, thinking of circuit session, after a park walk then to the pub for a swift beer, keeping things fun, fit and sociable!

Bank holiday weekend - 1000 onwards mtnordic walkers setting off form royal docks to trinity buoy wharf for breakfast at fat boys diner and then via canary wharf and cable street to st katherines dock, tower bridge - weather is blue sky, new walkers who have not done this orte so should be a good day!

warning - nordic walking creates happiness !!
Its where strangers become friends!

Start of the bank holiday and its liquid sunshine outside!! - whatever you do to keep fit carry on doing it this weekend BUT, enjoy yourself and relax - Look like you live in the Gym - don't live in it!! - MT nordic walkers will be nerd walking the river thames form the royal docks to st catherines dock, breakfast at trinity buoy wharf, and refreshments on route, 8 miler at a steady gear 3, want to come along? want to get nwuk qulalified? let me know.

This time of the year and up to xmas i normally get back into lifting heavier weights, its important for us to change exercise routines every 10 -12 weeks, not only for the body, it keeps our fitness regime interesting, keeps us motivated and prevents mind numbing boredom setting in,- keeping fitness fun, it is not a job we do it because we want to look and feel good, if we don't want this, then what the hell are we doing trying to get fit and putting in long hard hours?

To get back on track - from jan to now I have instructed nordic walking, pt clients and beamfit, I have not lifted many weights - December last year I was deadlifting 85kg in my sets, this week i have re started my weight training and have entered at 105kgs, strength has improved and i have a target of 140 1rm by December, this i put solely down to the Nordic Walking and beamfit classes - Beamfit classes this year I have instructed using the gymstick (gold) or weight bar (7kg), this is core conditioning at its best, barefoot exercise based on pilates where we have to be fully focused and every movement hits the core.
Technique is assured as we release the 'power of the beam'



With people still on holidays the village polers nordic walking club will be cosy this morning - BUT will still be taking out theresa which will finish off her weekly sessions at all of our clubs - just homerton polers next wednesday

Remember if getting your own tyre;

1 it is not the weight which gives the resistance - it is the friction on the surface, and this will vary
2. don't just use a belt - a harness is better, i use a back pack (rucksack) with waist and chest straps, it gives a better, more comfortable and safer workout

Now grab a tyre and work those 90% muscles to the max!!

With the weather forecast for the weekend being 30 degrees it important to have water and to take extra onboard, before, during and after our weekend workouts.

Remember intense exercise can mean water alone may not be enough and an isotonic drink will be of benefit.
Hydration - it takes 20 mins for a glass of water rot be absorbed

home made isotonic drinks

1. using a juicer - or even better a nutri bullet
2. juice up 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 stick of celery

all natural


equal amounts of a carton of your favourite fruit juice and 'luke' warm water
add a very small pinch of salt

mix well and drink

Theresa the tyre making another appearance today at Canary Wharf with the EMA Polers, session will be around east india dock.

Beamfit at UEL Sports dock session, the Thursday class always rains the bar and set standard for weekly sessions and after a couple of weeks of Beamfit style with gymsticks, this week will be weight bars to really hit the upper and lower abs

Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 1



mtnordic walkers exped to machu pichu - nordic walked iNCA TRAIL - epic adventure!!

2017 itinerary being worked on now - limited places - going fast!!

1 Take an old car tyre (found on most streets in London!)
2. attach two eyelets
3. tie on nylon rope
4. attach to rucksack
5. meet battersea polers nordic walking club
6. 5 min relays and drag for 3 miles

With nordic walking poles and an old car tyre you do not require anything else to workout and take fitness levels sky high, low cost, high fun!!


Gr8 class @uel sports dock of Beamfit beamlates - a 30 min session which gets people out and about during lunchtime, you are not tied to your desk - deadlines will not suffer for taking a lunch break - if anything I have in the past seen production, motivation and team building all increase and improve when lunchtime exercise is taken, even if it os a brisk walk - Nordic Walk is better!

Remember exercise is accumulative - no longer an excuse to say "I haven't got the time" - minutes during the day adds to hours for your week