Morning Lemon Squashers,

hopefully from this weekend we should be back to normal for our Nordic Walking, the past few weeks we have had to put up with the triathlon, cycle London, fires in Limehouse Link tunnel, gridlock traffic and yep the curse of the parking attendants and towing lorries!!

Hopefully the gods are now with us and we will meet at Britannia village hall Sunday at 1000 and Battersea park next Tuesday at 1830
New people can sort courses, taster people can find out what its all about and the regulars can crack on with poling and blowing away the cobwebs.

Some are still away on holidays and it will be this way for a few more weeks before we get back to normal groups, and then introducing equipment again in our sessions - The ‘turtle bag should be here in approx 7 weeks time

Take care and see you all soon