LOSE WEIGHT 4 LIFE - we use this programme by Pete Cohen because it works! Book a Nordic Walking Course with us in January and the programme will be included in the price - a fantastic 10 week programme designed to help you lose weight of life and to keep it off - it is not a quick fix programme and it is not a diet.

Nordic Walking is the sport chosen to go with the basic exercises you will be given each week, building your course as you change your lifestyle with small changes each week - for ore info contact us now

Offer is for any Nordic Walking booked in January, start dates for February



Its now the 'lull' between xmas and new year, a recovery form over eating and alcohol, resting for round two!!
before the 'ding ding' of the bell and before you start to plan that on jan 2nd you will get back to working out - or start…….go out now

Brisk it up by using a technique Nordic Walkers use…squashing Lemons! As you plant your foot on the heel imagine a lemon under the ball of your foot, as you role the foot forward squash it flat so you get every last bit of juice (and pips) out of it, then spring off the toes.

This will help you stabilise and improve balance, it will 'open' up the tissues in the feet, increasing circulation, stamina and strength, it will help prevent 'pooling' of blood in the lower legs, it will shape and tone the legs.

Don't go crazy, start at a walk around the block , then twice, then increase and if you get the bug for squashing lemons find your Nordic Walking instructor at NWUK.co.uk, or contact me for more details…Now go and squash some lemons!!!!!

With the festive season now upon us it is not unusual for the 'wind down ' to take place - missing th odd gym or workout session, when there not giving as much effort, convincing yourself ' i will make it up next year!'

It is a time to relax, but strike a balance where you don't 'couch it out' - at this time of year i will change my workout routine time form early morning to afternoon, able to do this with clients being away on holiday, by changing the time it is 'something new' of the body, it also gives th extra time in bed in the morning so you get to give yourself the treat of relaxation!

even if you cut down top the odd brisk walk or stretching session, keep something going, no matter what the fitness levels you have worked too hard to let it slip

Don't fall into the trap of a new years resolution, you will be building yourself up to failing during the first few months of 2016, sit and think about where you want to be with your fitness this time next year, set a short, med and long term goal and make sure they are achievable, rather than spending money on joining a gym, have a session with a personal trainer with the aim of knowing what you are doing, what you are currently capable of and to have a workable and achievable goal

above all , have a safe and happy festive time!!