Its nearing the end of the financial year and as we turn on our tv's and radio's we are increasingly bombarded with news of various tax increases and politicians trying to justify the reasons why - and all you will see is less money in your pocket for more pennies being paid out - lets work to ease the stress of life and take control of what you can do and want out of your time - and start with your fitness regime - has you gym membership gone up? how long have you been paying and how often do you go ? - not happy - then leave, there is nothing wrong with binning the gym they are not the be all and end all of fitness.

Use the outdoors, let the streets be your gym, the shop windows your mirrors, walk, run, use the local parks, when was the last time you visited your local park? walked in the local countryside? Make 2017 the year when you got back to basics, use your own body weight for muscular strength - and if classes are your thing, there are numerous types out there , nordic walking, run clubs, walk clubs, bmf……and more - with many offering a cut price try or free taster sessions you can try before you commit

Working out in the outdoors has many more advantages than using the gym.

cost is less - and can be free in some cases
people who use the outdoors are less stressed
it is not as intimidating as walking into a gym
its more friendly
you will meet more new friends

if the weather is something that stops you - remember it is not wrong weather - its wrong clothing!
Personal trainers, coaches, fitness instructors run many various classes in the outdoors - make a change this year - try it out and take more control of your hard earned money


OK the beach may seem like a distant memory but many of us are planning and thinking about the summer and also getting the body ready for the beach!
Now is the time to start your fitness regime for the summer - cant afford to wait for warmer weather, lighter nights or less rain - its time ti bin th excuses and come up with a plan, whatever it may be, CV work, resistance work, joining a gym or simply increasing you walking speed. iF UNSURE, IF LAST YEARS IDEA DIDN'T WORK, IF YOU NEED MOTIVATION - contact a Personal trainer for a session or two to get you back on track - many will offer a reduced price for booking a sequence or course and you will have a goal to aim for, simply joining a gym is not enough.
Join a class - get out and meet new people and make new friends

Be focussed, set an achievable target and go for it! - it will be hard work so make it fun and choose what you enjoy - this gives you a head start and also you will have more of a chance to achieve and progress.

Remember fitness is not the gym, the workout, how hard, how fast, how long your session lasts - Fitness is the WHOLE picture, it is your complete life - relationships, food, work, diet, rest, - all are important and if you are not in balance with these then the physical activity will be hard work and harder to achieve.



Week beginning 27/2

Tuesday at 1830 -  it's Battersea park, taster at 1600, car park is free after 1730
Last week was a blow away the cobwebs session where we also worked the lower body and speed and agility to get this feet moving quicker.
Currently a 1 hour session, it will change to 90 mins when the clocks spring forwards, and its more planting for your pennies with no price increase.
This week its time to break out the gymsticks at the bandstand 

Wednesday 28th- Homerton Polers at 1730 and off to the marshes with head torches for safety, Taster session is at 1630, this walk is being led by Heather, meet in Newcombe Library

Sunday 5th - its the first session of the month for the Village Polers - therefore this is a 3 hr Nordic walk, in and around the docklands - target is max distance completed - finishing at the Crystal cafe for a well deserved coffee - we will follow the allotment route, via Beckton lake and along the old railway to Beckton, the gasworks, across the dock entrances and to part of the docklands yer to be touched by the developers

any more info or ? - as always give me a shout out !


Homerton polers are back this week - wed 21st for a 12 week run - awe start at 1630 with a taster session followed at 1730 with the regulars heating up the hackney marshes area with a 'blow away the cobwebs' session

Tuesdays at 1830 is Battersea - with the ever growing battersea polers in the park, again a taster takes place an hoy=ur before the main event

Sundays - and the first nordic walking club in London - the village polers are in the docklands with a session that will include a gym stick 'pit stop' in the eco park alongside the river lea

want more info on nordic walking or fitness ? give me a shout out!!