Festivities done and its now January, the month where we wonder where did last year go and the time we have the thought of ‘getting stuck back into it, well  errr maybe in much as the weather is damp and when it gets cold i get cold hands………….’ - We look back at last year more, we should be looking forward now,,,its here!!  plan today, no matter how cold it may get in the winter, in London you are not going to die of hypothermia in the time we nordic walk, besides we all know how toasty warm we are once we get into our gear 3-4, so get a glow on, get the blood pumping and pick up the poles - MTNORDIC WALKERS ARE BACK FOR 2017!!

2016 we aimed at increasing distance and the average speed of the sessions, this was achieved by all, in 2017 it is our target of maintaining all we achieved last year, but we will be doing more sessions with equipment - the focus being on muscular strength and endurance, remember recruit a friend and you get a free session, use the app and get a free session for every 10 registered.

Barbados trip is planned and seats are booked, - but we still have places
Gurkha trailwalker challenge - we have a team of 4 - we need 2 drivers

other trips have all had interest, and i will be e mailing these again for places to be booked as the year progresses

Machu Pichu 2018 - I have been in contact with organisations in Peru this week, I have planned the itinery and should have a quote for price soon…watch this space……………..

Sociable Saturdays - we will continue to do these the same way as last year - a 3 hour session where the walk ends at a pub - first will be in March and then alternate months through out the year - no locations set as yet so if you have an idea for a gr8 walk, then a gr8 rest at the end, let me know.

Well done for last year, now let’s push on and improve, do new things and above all have fun.

If you have received an e mail form Nwuk about the Purbeck festival and need more info let me know

take care and see you soon