Good job i dont givep prizes out for rresults!!

From the e mails back about the plank challenge in July
EVERYONE PROGRESSED and doubled the time form the first attempt.

A few of you are now in the 2-3 min bracket which is exceptional, also I know it is being carried on by a few of you who are determined to get to the 4 min time - keep it up and keep me posted.

those who got into it have improved the streghth of the whole body - increased concentration - improved cardio vascular fitness, balance and endurance.

DONT FORGET AUGUST - the chair sit challenge - what will be your total at the end of the month??

as always any ?'s let me know

when doing nordic walking pt session in Victoria park, London…i had a feeling we were being watched by a creepy family…!!


Summer of 2016 challenges continues in August with the 'chair sit' challenge, how to do the exercise will be shown at nordic walking club sessions - each time you go to sit down during the day, do it 5 times, make a note and at the end of the day see your total, no target number to do, just carry it out each day and try to complete more than the previous day, you will be surprised at how many you will compete in a month, no time set aside for a workout, it is an accumulative exercise.

strengthen legs
good for knee joint
improve balance
good for heart and lungs
improve strength and endurance

Tuesday 2nd August is a 2 hour nordic walk in and around Battersea park - meeting in the car park at Chelsea bridge we will start at 1800 - car park is free after 1730

Battersea Polers nordic Walking club, London




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MTNORDIC WALKERS EXPED 02.16 - Black Mountains, South Wales - gr8 team, gr8 fun, gr8 time had by all..!!