spring.!! easter weekend..!!

its the first weekend of the year where garden centres will be packed full of people doing preps for there first workout session of the year…..working in the garden - its all about getting outdoors as we would rather be outside than in and as soon as we get the first hint of spring, its a no brainer.

Lets copy the gardeners of the world and get outside to do or try a new sport a walk is free.!!, we can slow walk, stroll, brisk walk, run, sprint, go for short distances, long distances, short fast and long slow distances, we can change the terrain, up hill or downhill, grass, streets parks, city or countryside, where and how else can we do so many sporting activities and it's all for free.!!
we can go a huge step further and learn to nordic walk, get your own poles and as you do the above you will…

use 90% of muscles (with correct technique)
take 26% stress off hip, knee and ankle joints
burn up to 40% more calories than when not using poles
improve posture
meet new friends
become part of a club
see new places
try new things
lose weight
improve muscular strength and endurance
improve cards fitness

and you can try this for a maximum of £5 for a taster session - in some cases for free

When you nordic walk past a gardner…you can will have achieved.!

EQUINOX DONE..!! NOW its new Monday - so its a new you..!!

With nights getting lighter and clocks about to spring forward lets think about utilising those new hours of daylight, STOP getting in form work and 'couching' it, no more 'slouching' it - just get up and go for a walk - no sweat - just stroll it, relax look around and enjoy and when finished give your self a pat on the back and feel proud - yo will have started
Already working out - STILL GET OUT! - the outdoors whether in city, town or country are great, walk, jog, run, nordic walk - its all good and all fun..

I have always looked at new products with some suspicion if prices seem to be too high of what they claim to do, the world of training shoes is no exception, a lot claim to be this and that, but are really aimed at the fashion market with colours changing yearly.

we have been approached to evaluate a walking training shoe I normally wear an all terrain trail running shoe, - at first i thought 'ok lets wear it of ra walk and then that will be that.!', however i find myself looking forward to getting out later and wearing it - we have a waterproof version and mesh version to use and so far they have performed at a level i would have expected for a far more expensive shoe - yep, it does not cost the earth either - which we like a lot.!
stability, foot action when pushing off and comfort are all good, they are super light and as i said, not expensive

Watch this space for more info when evaluation completed, where to buy, cost etc


FOOD DIARYS - its the statistics of 80% diet and 20% exercise that give some the reasons of why not to do fitness - its the looking for the 'F'word thing - Fitness is more than that, —Food diet and exercise - but it is also more than that too..!! Fitness is all things in your life, it is a whole body whole life thing, it includes you personal relationships, work, friendships, the everyday stresses as well as the diet, exercise regime and rest

We must look at all to work on a life balance that suits us as an individual - it is the reason why what programme world for you will not work for someone else.
We are all different and so as we gain in experience we learn how to change and adapt, if someone in their 40's still thinks the same as when in their 20's it is someone who has learnt nothing

Never look for 'perfection', never be totally satisfied, keep trying new ways in your exercise programme, and do this at least even 10-12 weeks

If walking a dog is your fitness, then get a big dog..!! There are enough things to do for you to find something(s) you enjoy

Above all, be happy with yourself
We need to look good and feel good - if we did not want this….what he the hell we doing it for..??

frIday11/3 - once the morning fog and mist burns off it is going to be a blue sky day - weather forecast of the weekend is good, YOU are now running out of excuses of why not to do exercise.! Clocks go forward soon, so another 'stopper; goes out of there window

PRE EMPT NOW..!! - get out this weekend if not today, even if its a start around your 'block' or a nordic walk you had thought of last year - get out early, re charge and energise, plant and push and have a gr8 and safe weekend…….!


from July last year until jan 28th it was lifting sessions and making gains 5-6 sessions per week….every year i take time out, train with clients, but rest from own personal routines, this year its been Feb until today.
I like to kick it off with a full body lifting session, 3s of 15r with 15-30 s between sets, I find this gets me back into the routine of increasing the weight

today was

dead lift
front squats
back squats - narrow, normal and wide stance

shoulder press
bench press
bi cep curl
reverse curl
tricep curl

all on EZ bar

Will complete same session later today and each morning this week, then back to the lifting log and gains!

SPRING IS WELL ON THE WAY..!! Time to pick away the winter, the dark nights and mornings and plan your fitness goals for the rest of the year, try something new, do what you enjoy - not what is hard work and someone said it is good for you.!
Look like you live in a gym - don't live in it.!
Get out doors, see things in a different light whilst having fun, being sociable and meeting new people = NORDIC WALKING - WHERE STRANGERS BECOME FRIENDS..! - WHERE FITNESS IS FUN..!