We are now well into the lighter evenings, warmer temperatures and hoping, fingers crossed that the cold weather has gone. This week we have a few changes in the programme and watch out for Sunday May 7th as its fat boys breakfast - the return as its re opened !! Flyer with info coming soon……

This week note Battersea is now 1.5 hr sessions - more planting for your pennies and if a village poler it is now worth the trip to Battersea park.

The past week we had angela leading Battersea, Heather and kaye at homerton, Leaders keeping the poles planting and the tips toasty warm, the village elopers had the first of the month session (3 hrs) and completed just over 10 miles with a 'zippy' pace in and around trinity buoy wharf and canary wharf.

Tue 4th - 1830/2000 Battersea Polers club - taster is at 1730

Wed 5th 1730/1830 Homerton club with Heather and Kaye - taster is at 1630

Sunday 9th 1000/1130 Royal Docks Village Polers with Adam ( Adams mobile 07740 700680) - no taster this week

From this week ‘The hand is back!’ - thanks again to leaders for session cover, gym stick, su smokey and theresa tyre all looking forward to the longer sessions and sunshine

happy planting in spring




If the gym is your thing then great stuff, use it, however the past few weeks I have had conversations with 3 Nordic walking members who are members of a local gym, but have not been at all this year, one has not been in over 6 months, if this is you here is a quick way of improving fitness.

  • Lets say your membership is £25 per month
  • The 1st of each month before it is busy set your alarm clock for 0600
  • Make sure you have £25 in crispy new notes from the cashpoint machine
  • With money in hand, open front door and sprint as fast as you can to the nearest road
  • Locate the nearest road drain
  • Push new crispy £25 notes into drain, make sure they drop through the grid
  • Sprint back home
  • Put your feet up, have a cup of tea and relax safe in the knowledge you are spending good hard earned money on improving your fitness

Firstly a very BIG thankyou to the nordic walkng leaders at mt nordic for taking recent club sessions after my hand surgery, normal service should;d resume in a week or so.
We certainly are having more blue sky right now, a gr8 time to drag this friends along who have been asking questions over the winter about our 'green' and very sociable sport.
this week we have batersea on tuesday, homerton wednesday and the royal docks village polers sunday, last weekend it was just over 8  miles in and around  the old part of the royal docks, battersea was led by andrea and homerton was kaye and heather leading the way
with 4 new mt nordic walkers the past 2 weeks we are a growing 'family'.
Our app, -muscular therapy - is now on the app store and google play, it is free, get latest info and book your sessions s on the go, no need to post a reminder or wait until you get to a pc, you can also show a friend and give them info immediately, remember introduce a friend and you get a free session, complete your loyalty card after a session and you get a free one when you complete 10- with free tasters during spring time ITS ALL MORE