November is done!

As we approach the last month of the year it is a time of reflection over the past 12 months for many - its good to do this, but you must think more of the positive, look at your achievements and not so much the failures, the failures you have already done, it may be injuries, missing a PB time, not getting to the gym as often……..the road to improving fitness can be a long one .

December….it's the time to plan ahead, to plan achievable goals, do not set the bar too high and split it into 3 phases….

1. where you want to be this day next year……..LONG TERM PHASE

2. summer 2017, target the mid point…………MID PHASE

3. approx 10 weeks after you have planned, this is 'building your foundations' or 'laying pipe'……SHORT PHASE

remember keep it all simple, throwing money at a fitness regime will not guarantee results, the following 12 months you can make life changing, you can be in control…you will be an achiever, you will be fitter, stronger and happier……….you will extend your life!

What to do?…….only you can answer this as it is YOUR goals and YOUR phases you are planning, you may be improving fitness by giving up smoking, improving your relationship, entering a 10k run or joining a gym, or simply going for a walk - fitness encompasses more than just the physical



Mt nordic walkers Royal Docks Village Polers have put out a challenge of what can you do with your nordic walking poles? Challenge one is the 'MANAKIN' challenge, filmed alongside the River Thames in Lyle Park, London during a nordic walking and gymstick session…copy and paste link below

If you organise or are part of a nordic walking club - lets see what you can come up with, Battersea Polers club in west London have already made a challenge!!

half way through xmas already and only 4 weeks to mtnordic walkers xmas nordic walk and sociable meeting afterwards on December 10th.

Now is the time to look at what to ask for or what to purchase for that special present - keep fitness equipment simple and remember the golden rule when buying fitness equipment for a loved one is to get what they want - not what you want to make them look better!!! - it's not a good end to the year and may make next year totally different if you spend it alone!!!