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MUSCULAR THERAPY is essential because poor muscular care can have a detrimental effect on the whole of the body and not just your skeletal muscles, it adversely affects your internal health too, leading to the damage to any one of your internal organs - the heart - lungs - kidneys - liver - stomach and brain etc and of course the skeletal muscles themselves, all of which leads to general poor health and makes you more vulnerable to illness, infection, disease and physical injuries.

We use an approach which aims to achieve a universal understanding to the importance of both obtaining and maintaining a healthy muscular system through healthier living, promoting diet, exercise, whole body maintenance and injury prevention.

In today’s busy, often chaotic and active world with the associated pressures and time constraints you may think that improving your fitness will be complicated and time consuming; this is not the case. By introducing and following some basic principals and working together, we will set achievable goals, the benefits of which will quickly be felt.

Below are some the changes we can agree together, we will structure these changes for the maximum impact and benefits.

- adopting a healthier eating habit (nutrition)

- doing specific exercise and functional training (fitness)

- core stability (posture)

- breathing exercises (relaxation)

- massage treatments (injury recovery and prevention)